Apr. 24th, 2015

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This BandomBigBang, I chose to mix for a podcast (something I usually avoid). Lucky for me, Dapatty is a magnificent story-teller. I often have trouble paying attention to audiobooks and podcasts, but her voice kept me engaged throughout the entire fic. Here is what I came up with for Séance Weather. Download the podfic here.)



Gorazde Disparition

Irish Goodbyes The Menzingers

5 Ghosts 1 Nine Inch Nails

Mulder and Scully Catatonia

You’re So Rad The Bouncing Souls

Main Title Steve Jablonsky

Darkshines Muse

Bucaresti Disparition

See the Sky About to Rain Jeff Rosenstock

Demons Chelsea Wolfe

Ende Disparition

You’ll Be in My Dreams Today Screeching Weasel

Walking with a Ghost Tegan & Sara

Johnny & the Ghost Sewer Rats

Bird Caught in Throat Disparition


When I talked to Dapatty about music to complement the podfic, atmospheric & punk was brought up. I was lucky that most of my spooky-themed songs were one of the two. We also thought playing some songs for scene breaks, as well as an intro and outdo would be cool. All of the atmospheric was chosen to either lead into or out of a scene or feeling frank was having. The rest were added as a sort of soundtrack. Irish Goodbyes was (I felt) a good illustration of how bored Frank was, being the only one interested in dark and spooky things. Mulder and Scully & You’re So Rad were meant to show his joy at having found two new friends (and their mom) who shared this interest. I also wanted songs to get the “feeling” of being in the Way house for the first time, as well as the disappointment at Frank’s mother’s reaction to meeting the Ways. The climax music had to be creepy and intense, and I think I found that in Demons. The last two were easy. The one thing I might have changed was switch out the original Walking with a Ghost with The White Stripes’s version, to keep with the punk. Alas, I only had Tegan & Sara’s to share. I hope you enjoy the tracks and podcast!


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