Aug. 20th, 2015

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Take California

In the Pretend World Scarling.

Kiro TV Sneaker Pimps

Toy Soldier I:Scintilla

Punching in a Dream The Naked and Famous

Shiny The Decembrists

Monster Hospital Metric

In the Shadows Rasmus

Wolf Mother The Mynabirds

Machine Gun Portishead

Sanctuary Antidote for Annie

Radar Detector Darwin Deez

Being Bad Feels Pretty Good Does it Offend You, Yeah?

Believer Kill Hannah

Queen of Hearts Darlia

Uprising Muse

There Is a Light that Never Goes out Dum Dum Girls

Infidel The Bouncing Souls

Ready Fuels Anberlin

Radio, Radio Elvis Costello & The Attractions


With this mix, I tried to illustrate the progression of a plot line in the Killjoy universe. I wanted something with confusion, realization, and liberation. Take California was meant to be exposition. I wanted to get the feel that not everyone in the situation was there of their own accord or consent. From Pretend World to Wolf Mother was a slow decline from compliant citizen to someone questioning. Shiny and In the Shadows illustrate the lack of trust of both Battery City and the Killjoys. “They say that I must learn to kill before I can feel safe; but I’s rather kill myself than turn into their slave” is a good instance of this. After coming from a city of robots, who would want to lose themselves in the Zones? My writer pointed out that the turn from suspicion to trust happens during Sanctuary and Radar Detector. From there, it continues until the final songs, Ready Fuels and Radio, Radio, in which the protagonist and their new partners have become fully united.

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Love They Say
Tegan & Sara

Into the Ocean Blue October

Protége Moi Placebo

What the Water Gave Me Florence + the Machine

Falling in Love Miami Sound Machine

The Lethal Temptress The Mendoza Line

This Is What it Feels Like Armin van Buuren

Kingdom Come The Civil Wars

Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop Landon Pigg

Last Night I Dreamt that Somebody Loved Me The Smiths

In the Songs Midtown



The fiction I chose was a crossover between Panic (and some other bandom) and the classic Little Mermaid story (with a not-so-terrible ending). The fix was longer than the 10,000-word requirement, so I felt justified in going over the 5-song requirement. This fix gave me a lot of feels, and I really wanted to represent them all in my mix. I have a few love songs, marking what I thought the type of attraction Brendon fell into. I tried to find songs that had water and music themes, as that was what the story branched off of. Into the Ocean fell pretty well in the beginning of the mix, when Brendon longed to be on land, but couldn’t figure a way to get there. Florence + the Machine was one of the artists my writer said they listened to while writing, so I looked for a song that fit. I think What the Water Gave Me showed some of the hurt Brendon felt when he realized the gift the Sea Witch gave him wouldn’t be used. The Lethal Temptress showed that consideration he felt when Brendon realized there was a way to get back home. The Civil Wars was another one cited when I asked my writer what they thought would be good in the mix. Kingdom Come is the only one I have from them, but I think it worked well during the time when Brendon was on the road, looking for a new home. In the Songs is the final track I chose, because it raps up the mix nicely. People are happy with their loved ones and enjoying their time on land. Brendon can use his beautiful voice again, and not to much was lost on the way to a happy ending :)



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